British Falconry & Raptor Fair

We are delighted to welcome The British Falconry & Raptor Fair to the Highclere Show in 2022.

The British Falconry & Raptor Fair, which is an event in itself, has found its new home right here at the Highclere Show. Packed full of displays from some of the country’s leading falconers and complemented by a vast range of exhibition stands, the British Falconry & Raptor Fair is a must stop-off for falconers and everyone interested in discovering more about these incredible birds of prey.

Packed with informative displays and lots of hands on activities, be sure to head over to the British Falconry & Raptor Fair Area to discover something new and get involved.

Check out some of the exhibitors who were booked to attend in 2020, for more information on these exhibitors and their products, please take a look at our Trade Stand Listings page:

  • Female Falconers Club
  • Manor Knives
  • Heritage Hoods
  • John Dowling Falconry Ltd
  • Silver Fox Falconry
  • Viking Falconry Supplies Kent
  • Moirai Braided Falconry Equipment
  • Birds on a Feather
  • Independent Bird Register