The Mole Show

Offering an educational and entertaining insight into the world of moles, The Mole Show is a fantastic look into the world beneath our feet, with Jeff the ‘Grass Shark Hunter’ taking us on an adventure into the unseen world of these peculiar and rarely seen British Mammals.

Highly entertaining, The Mole Show is a humorous show for the whole family, with kids of all ages able to learn about these allusive creatures and ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask. Jeff Nicholls is one of the leading authorities on mole catching in the UK, and with a bit of help from a few of his lovable characters, will put on a 30 minute show promising to deliver lots of laughs and informative fun.

This educational live show will also offer free advice for all land owners and gardeners with mole issues, so if there’s something you need to know, The Mole Show is the perfect place to find out. The Mole Show takes place at the Highclere Show, so be sure to catch them before they disappear!