The Terrier breeds were originally developed for hunting vermin of all shapes and sizes and priority was given to their working ability rather than appearance. They are an extremely tough and hardy group of dogs and generally small in size, enabling them to work underground. The term ‘terrier’ derives from ‘terra’, the latin word for earth.

The following Terriers classes will be offered on each day at the Highclere Show:


Showing to start at 1pm approximately

1. Terrier Puppy

No pups to be shown in classes 2 – 15

2. Lakeland Dog
3. Patterdale/Fell Dog
4. Border Dog
5. Smooth Russell Dog
6. Rough Russell Dog
7. Crossbred Dog
8. Lakeland Bitch
9. Patterdale/Fell Bitch
10. Border Bitch
11. Smooth Russell Bitch
12. Rough Russell Bitch
13. Crossbred Bitch
14. Bedlington Dog/Bitch
15. Any other breed of terrier not afore mentioned on the schedule.
16. Entered Terrier
17. Pair of Terriers
18. Veteran Terrier (Over 7 Years Old)
19. Child Handler
20. Championship (Winners of classes 2 to 15 inclusive)

All field events to take place in the mornings. Booking in for field events from 9.00am, to start as soon as first card is full.. simulated coursing, followed by all straight racing, over 23″, 23″ & under, under 21″, puppies (9-12months), whippets and terriers. Field events winners presentation 12.45pm approx at the entry tent.

Terrier Show will commence on each day from 13.00pm approx

The winner of the championship on each day of the Highclere Show will qualify for the Champion Of Champions Grand Final held during September

For more information please call Paddy Weaver of the Coursing Crew on 07737 765999.