Solent Stars

Solent Stars CIC is a Children’s Stunt Team, a group of children who are working hard training every weekend to deliver Wheels and Thrills entertainment.  But there’s far more that goes on behind the scenes and our ethos is not only teaching children aged 5-16 motorcycle skills but we work with the children to educate them to respect the road both as children and into adulthood.

This is practised in many ways through fun and practical learning while riding motorbikes.  We strive to build strong foundations of what we consider to be essential skills, positive attitude, teamwork, discipline and respect; all crucial skills in our society.

We deliver enjoyable entertainment that will leave the crowds enthralled as they watch our children push their adrenaline to the max with their adventurous and courageous moves.  Our show will interact and engage the audience demonstrating skills, talent and ultimate bravery as children of all ages deliver an outstanding 25 minute show performance with jumps, stunts and tricks including fire!  If that’s not enough, when we are not performing a welcoming team offer an interactive stand.