Simulated Coursing

Simulated Coursing or Lure Racing comes to the Highclere Show and showcases both earth and running dogs at their best as they run a course testing speed and agility.

Lure Racing often involves a plastic bag tied to a line that operates around a system of pulleys. At the sound of a gun, the dogs run to try and catch up with the ‘lure’, with the ‘lure’ operating at a speed to suit the dog’s own agility running. The course can be changed around with some courses straight and others formed in a circle. The race can also involve a dog running by itself or for the more experience lure racer, with friends.

The purpose of this type of sport is not only set up to see how fast your terrier or lurcher can go, it can also be very beneficial for over enthusiastic dogs with a lot of energy to burn. A great fitness and bonding session between dog and handler, the benefits of lure racing are countless.

Lure Racing arrives at the Highclere Show this May. As well as being a great fitness aid, the sport is above all incredibly good fun, with dogs loving to show off speed whilst burning up that stored-up energy.