Hywel Morgan

Hywel is the son of Welsh fishing guru Moc Morgan and perhaps unsurprisingly he was introduced to the pleasures of fishing at an exceptionally early age.

He first wet a line at just two and a half years of age and spent his early years fishing the Rivers Teifi and Ystwyth for wild brown trout and sea trout. Since then he has fished extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and in the USA.

Hywel first stepped onto a casting platform at just four years old, at the Royal Welsh Agricultural show. Since the age of fourteen he has regularly given demonstrations at shows all over the UK.

He is the only World Fly Casting Champion that demonstrates and since his early baptism he has developed a wonderfully relaxed and humorous way of informing and educating the audience about the fascinating world of flyfishing.

His enthusiasm during the demo appeals to both anglers and non-anglers alike and has been enjoyed all over the UK and as far afield as Austria, Germany and Australia.

The demonstration starts with a history of angling where Hywel shows equipment used over 200 years ago and explains the development of the materials used in the evolution of the flyfishing rod. He casts with 7 rods simultaneously ( which is nowhere near his World Record of 66 rods cast together) and shows how easy it is to cast distance with basic and specialist tackle. Hywel showcases one of his more unusual talents by taking the audience on an imaginary fishing trip and shows how clumsy he can be: breaking the fly rod down until he is using the equivalent of a knitting needle… but still casting the same distance as he would with a full-length rod.

The last part sees Hywel using salmon rods, showing and explaining about single and double spey casts and their alternatives. The whole demonstration culminates with a salmon distance-cast of in excess of 80 metres (space allowing).