Medieval jousters, The Knights of Middle England, bring their fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled performance to the Highclere Show this May, and we can’t wait for you to see them in all their finest splendour!

Headlining the Highclere Show’s Main Arena over 28th & 29th May, this radical display team bring the fabled sport of jousting full tilt into the 21st Century. With 17 years of both equestrian and showmanship expertise, the professional horsemen also deliver plenty of interactive fun, that you and your family will just love!

Bringing a bit of history into the showground, the jousters, cloaked in full outfit, provide a colourful entertainment show that demonstrates the sport of jousting and what is one of the more unique equestrian sports of our history.

With competing Knights coming from across the lands, and into the Highclere Show Main Arena, St George, Thomas De Beauchamp, Conrad of Castile and not forgetting the merciless Chevalier Noir (The Black Knight) battle it out to claim victory… who will live to tell the tale?

With plenty of hard-hitting stunts in store, including saddle falls, drags and rearing horses, visitors won’t want to miss watching the drama unfold as the brave Knights gallop towards victory.

A fantastic performance for all ages, make sure you catch the Knights of Middle England at the Highclere Show over the May half-term holiday. With tickets to the event now on sale, you can buy tickets today and treat you and your family to an unforgettable day out.

If you’re on the lookout for something different to entertain the family next year, then browse the Highclere Show website and discover everything we’ve got in store. If you pre-book your tickets via the website today, you can also save on the pounds too. We can’t wait to welcome you all in!

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