The Highclere Show arrived last weekend to the stunning grounds at Highclere Castle. Along with lots of sporting competitions taking place across the showground, Highclere also hosted the second qualifying rounds in the BASC Gundog Scurries too.

Kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial, the 2022 BASC Scurry League included a range of daily competitions including for juniors and novices. With superb prizes worth over £1000 up for grabs on both days of the event, competition remained high and proved fantastic viewing.

Handlers and their dogs took part in many scurries including Pick & Mix, Multi Pick-Up, Partridge Pen, Long Retrieve, Junior Scurry, Obstacle and Pairs.




Take a look at all the results from the BASC Gundog events from the Highclere Show below. They can also be found via the BASC website at


28th May 2022

Pick & Mix

1st       Barley and K. Cleary          26.59

2nd      Quinn and S. Chambers   27.00

3rd       Kizzy and J. Clarke              27.07


Multi Pick-Up

1st       Kracker and J. Clarke         20.69

2nd      Barley and K. Cleary          21.18

3rd       Kizzy and J. Clarke              21.28


Partridge Pen

1st       Quinn and S. Chambers   20.41

2nd      Will-I-Am and K. Welsh     20.80

3rd       Winston and R. Leach       20.87


Long Retrieve

1st       Barley and K. Cleary          33.19

2nd      Alice and K. Welsh             34.12

3rd       Cress and J. Bennett          34.99


Junior Scurry

1st       Olive and J. McDowell      21.48

2nd      Delta and D. Hassell          39.51


Junior Scurry

1st           Trevor and Georgia           24.57

2nd          Thor and Georgia               34.56

3rd           Sherlock and Olivia            36.69



1st           Pip and M. Harp                 13.85

2nd          Hector and S. Chambers  15.69

3rd           Winston and R. Leach       16.25



1st       Grace & Fern and Julie & Steve              47.03

2nd          Dee & Trevor and Steve & Trevor         48.67

3rd           Zulu & Kizzy and Charlotte & Jayne      49.16


Scurry League Qualifier

1st       Quinn and S. Chambers    105.60

2nd      Alice and K. Welsh             109.46

3rd       Drake and R. Bunning       112.76


29th May 2022

Pick & Mix

1st       Nala and P. Burns               25.50

2nd      Kizzy and J. Clarke              26.81

3rd       Kracker and J. Clarke         26.63


Multi Pick-Up

1st       Monty and P. Burns           19.12

2nd      Thor and T. Linfoot            19.31

3rd       Barley and K. Cleary          20.44


Partridge Pen

1st       Barley and K. Cleary          20.50

2nd      Nala and P. Burns               20.59

3rd       Moana and D. Chappell    21.00


Long Retrieve

1st       Barley and K. Cleary          32.59

2nd      Nala and P. Burns               32.65

3rd       Finn and C. Watts              33.78


Junior Scurry

1st       Breeze and Ebony              21.40

2nd      Willow and Esra                 30.06

3rd       Thor and Georgia               31.16


Novice Scurry

1st       Thistle and V. Purves         20.66

2nd      Tilly and G. West                31.90

3rd       Nell and M. Harrison         37.63


Obstacle Scurry

1st           Winston and S. Marshall  17.62

2nd          Moana and D. Chappell    17.94

3rd           Copper and E. Harrhy       18.04



1st           Fern & Trevor and Steve & Jane            43.23

2nd          Alice & Grace and Julie & Keith              43.25

3rd           Fern & Grace and Steve & Julie              44.00


Scurry League Qualifier

1st       Moana and D. Chappell    113.62

2nd      Todd and A. Payne             114.14

3rd       Kiwi and N. Wilkinson        118.42

Another set of qualifying rounds in the BASC Gundog Scurries will be held at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire over 29th – 31st July. There will also be a qualifying round at the Weston Park Country Fair at Weston Park on 17th September, with the Grand Final taking place at the same event on 18th September. To book your tickets and find out more, visit click here.

For all of the latest news and results from all of the competitions from this year’s Highclere Show, please check our news section as well as our Facebook page for more information.